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Need a Battle Buddy?

Please fill out the assessment below.

Please fill out our initial needs assessment form below. Once we verify that you are eligible, we will send you a formal application to the email you provided. There is no fee to apply for or to receive our services. Please note, sending in the full application does not mean the applicant is automatically approved; it MUST go before V.E.T. Service Dogs NFP review team to be approved.

Following the application review process, the applicant will be notified within thirty days that their application was either accepted or denied. Once the application is tentatively approved, the applicant will need to attend an in person interview.

We do not train Service Dogs in the tasks that would be necessary to aid someone who uses a wheelchair, mobility scooter, or walker; is substantially visually or hearing impaired; needs retrieval assistance; or has advanced mobility or medical alert issues.

Although other information may be required, our basic criteria includes:

1. Military service with honorable discharge or current honorable service.
2. Verifiable diagnosis of PTSD, TBI, and/or MST which must be service-related.
3. Stable living environment, including the financial ability to provide care for a Service Dog.
4. No alcohol or substance abuse and no illegal dependency.
5. No felony conviction, pending criminal charges, current parole/probation, pattern of criminality, or animal abuse.
6. Ability to participate fully in weekly scheduled service dog training classes at training facility.
7. Be willing to have a background check done.
8. Be financially able to afford the feeding and care of a service dog.
9. Be physically able to work with and exercise a dog or have someone who can for you.
10. Be totally committed to coming to weekly classes and doing the ‘homework’ with your dog.

Eligible applicants will be considered regardless of race, sex, religion, creed, sexual orientation and ethnic origin.


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If you would like any assistance, please call us directly at (708) 274-7678