Veteran Application

Thank you for your interest in receiving a service dog.

Our application process from start to finish takes between 2 - 4weeks. 

  • The first step is the application & initial screening process by our Executive Director Brett Mango (Veteran) 
  • The second step will be an in-person, or  phone interview  to discuss your  needs and requirements to obtain a service dog.
  • The third step will be a home visit by our Trainers   Sonia Campos-Marchiori and Kathryn Smith.This will help our Trainers get to know you and what type of tasks the Service Dog will need to be trained for.

    Through out this process the Board of Directors will be kept up to date with any recommendations

If you are approved a good fit for the program please keep in mind that you will be required to attend weekly training.
This is done so a bond can form with you and your Service Dog Candidate

Please complete the information below

  •   Completed Application (see below) 
  •   A official signed letter from your medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist or other licensed mental health care professional indicating a service animal   would beneficial for you. (This letter must be current. Letters more than 6 months before the date of your application will not be accepted  
  •   DD-214 - Proof of DD-214 will be required to view at time of interview 
  •   Name and Phone of psychiatrist, psychologist or other licensed mental health care professional .

Please email a completed application to or or

 Mail to V.E.T. Service Dogs, NFP Attn: Veteran Application, 8024 Christie Ave Lyons Il 60534

Application for Service Dog Program (1) (pdf)

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