meet the team

Brett Mango Co Founder/ Executive Director

Hello, my name is Retired US Army SSG, Brett Mango. I am 42 years old and a resident of the Chicago metro area. I have over twenty years of experience in military and law enforcement. I have been apart or attached to Infantry, EOD, SWAT, or just patrol over my years of service. During that time, I have served during Hurricane Katrina; deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and South America. I have earned citation's both civilian and military to include Bronze Star, Army Commendation, Army Achievement, Combat Infantry Badge, Explosive Ordinance Badge, to several police citation for Valor and Achievement.

I am co-founder / Executive Director of V.E.T., and am proud to say we are a transparent organization willing to make a difference in the veteran community. Please explore what we have to offer and make the decision for yourself if we are a good fit for you.

Paul Marchiori Co Founder/President

Paul was born and raised in Chicago and didn't serve in the military; however his father did proudly serve with the U.S. Marine WW2. Like many his dad never talked about war, only of the brotherhood and the friendships made, some lasting his whole life. Paul started as a teen working with his dad doing water and sewer repair. Paul then took a job at Chicago Water Department, where he put in 30 years and retired. Paul is a member in good standing with Local #126 International Association and Aerospace Workers, and served as Trustee. Over the years Paul was active in Knights of Columbus, Loyal Order of the Moose, and other organizations. Paul has also volunteered for retirees club in Lyons Il and has been appointed Village Trustee and has been re-elected twice. Paul and his wife Sonia, Have four children, and six grandchildren. Paul has always been dedicated to helping the veterans of this great Nation as well as our K9 companions. He feels it's his time to serve those that served us proudly giving their all, asking nothing in return.

Sonia Campos-Marchiori Co Founder/Dog Trainer/Secretary

Sonia  was born and raised on the southwest side of Chicago,Il. From a young age , she began helping where her support was needed, such as at her fathers bakery. Later in life, after becoming a mother, Sonia moved to Inverness, Florida where she worked as an advocate for C.A.S.A. (Citrus Abuse Shelter Association), An organization that helped abused women and children.

After returning to Chicago in order to be closer to her family Sonia wanted to follow in her fathers footsteps of becoming a Stationary Engineer. She studied at Triton College, making it to the Presidents Honors List all five of her semesters. Sonia graduated and soon became a Stationary Engineer, working in the field for over sixteen years. Sadly a work injury cut short her carrier as an engineer. Sonia had to undergo four surgeries coupled with two years of rehabilitation. He life changed forever. 

Having support from family and friends in this period was critical. During this time she developed a special bond with her dog Thor. He was very tuned in to how she was feeling, especially on days that were particular difficult, Faithfully, Thor and Sonia never left each other's side, which pushed her to get through physical therapy. She is also someone who has supported veterans of armed forces. Her cousin , Adrian Garibay, whom she is very close to, served in the Vietnam War. Sonia's uncle Gilbert Campos also served in the military although he was never deployed. Sonia had an epiphany. She realized she could rescue dogs and train them to become service dogs for our nations veterans who endured trauma. This could really help in a big way! The best of both worlds. She enrolled at Animal Behavior College where she received her certification in dog training, CPR and first aid. She than continued her education in dog training courses through the school of Micheal Ellis/ Leerburg University and various seminars such as Jeff Gellman .

Sonia and her husband Paul have four children and six beautiful grandchildren.She remains a member in good standing with the International Union of Stationary Engineers Local#399

meet the team

Ambassador/ Danny Cornier

My experience began in the United States Marine Corps as a Military Working Dog Handler stationed at Camp Pendleton,California. While attached to MEF ( 1st Marine Expeditionary Force) I successfully completed two combat tours to Afghanistan with multiple explosive finds on each tour. Upon completing my rotation at Camp Pendleton, I was stationed at MCAS Yuma, PMO (Provost Marshals Officer), as chief trainer and handler for patrol explosives K9. While stationed at MCAS Yuma I was in charge of training multiple dog teams and maintaining readiness for stateside deployment with United States Secret Service and ensuring base safety. My time in the Marine Corps allowed me to sharpen my skills in the K9 field by attending multiple trainer schools and learning from some of the best trainers in the world. After serving in the United States Marine Corps I transitioned my skills to the private sector and I am currently the Director of Training for one of the worlds most premier K9 military and law enforcement training centers.

Deanna Marie Campos/Treasurer

ABCT Owner/Lead Trainer of Devious to Delightful dogs, Dog Training. AKC Canine Good Citizens Evaluator, Animal Behavioral Collage Certified Dog Trainer. Member of APDT The Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Dog foster Mom, Volunteer trainer for animal rescues .

Owner of DMC Office Services, Bookkeeping and small business management since 1995

Kathryn Smith/Dog Trainer

I am a very diverse dog trainer. who hails for Minnesota. My resume shows that i am adept at various types of dog training including but not limited to service dogs, protection, police and therapy dogs. I have many years of experience and have worked with various rescues and organizations. I also am very active in fostering.

Official Guide Star Silver Star Level

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